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facebook’s foul algorithm makes now data outbreak like data breach amid Covid-19 pandemic!

One study says Facebook is a threat to public health.

In the last one year, 360 crore misinformation about health has been given on Facebook. This intensity of misinformation was highest during the Covid-19 crisis.

Data from the U.S.-based research organization Avaj’s research. In light of the recent study, the organization claims that Facebook has become a ‘big threat’ to public health.

The goal of this study was to prevent the spread of misinformation through social media. However, Facebook said that the research report did not say much about the various steps taken by Facebook. Among the actions taken by Facebook are the labeling of about 100 million pieces of information as a warning and the removal of about 6 million pieces of harmful information.

We’ve directed over two billion people, and when someone shares a link about Covid-19, we show them a pop-up to connect with their trusted health information, according to Facebook. Regarding Facebook’s claim, research firm Avaj says that Facebook has been able to add warning labels to only 16 out of every 100 incorrect information. And a lot of the misinformation has come from public pages. There are about 28 million followers on such 42 pages.

Fadi Quran, Avaj’s campaign director, says Facebook’s algorithm is a major threat to public health. ‘Mark Zuckerberg promised to provide reliable information during the epidemic. However, his algorithm is hurting the initiative by dragging a large portion of Facebook’s 2.7 billion users into misinformation networks about public health. “As long as Facebook is not detoxifying its algorithm, the epidemic will worsen the health epidemic,” Fadi added. Quran. Avaj also said that the reach of posts related to misinformation in news feeds should be reduced by reducing their ranking.

The Secretary General of the European Union of Medical Specialists, Dr. Joao Miguel Grenhoe says Mark Zuckerberg must take immediate action to stand by us in stopping this information-epidemic. Otherwise, the number of people poisoned against vaccines will increase so much that this epidemic cannot be handled. Facebook, meanwhile, says it is taking steps to prevent the spread of misinformation about health, and if someone writes the word “vaccine” in Facebook’s search box, you can look for reliable information.




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